You still remember how we used to text back in the days?

You know, with all the intricate button pushing using nine numeric buttons instead of the complete QWERTY keyboard we’re having now in our phone. It’s pretty amazing in hindsight, I mean it was a LOT of clicking and tapping just to get a letter to show up but we managed to text quickly within the limitation.

You know why? Because it is essential for us to stay connected.

Don’t believe me? After all the years pass by and we still text each other albeit using different mediums. SMS turned into chat messengers, we got introduced to social media, and the internet got us even way more connected than before. The medium might have changed but the message doesn’t. Staying connected with the people we care about (or need) is that essential for us.

Same things with shoes. We can always talk about the stylistic choice we have for shoes, the idea of having cool looking kicks, how they speak to our identity, how rare they are and all. But some people might think it’s mundane, because hey, the essence for the shoes is to protect your feet while still being presentable, and the rest is about preference. 

Let’s not forget that staying true to the essence is also part of the preference we have for our presence. Not everything needs to be loud and bombastic, some just need to fulfill the basics so we can stand strong on our feet.

That’s something we tend to forget, isn’t it? Social media with its superfluous exposure makes a lot of us keep chasing the faux-regality and the glitz of spotlights while ignoring all the basic things. Not saying that chasing fame is bad, but to chase something you need to know how to run, and to run you need to know how to walk. Every dunk came from dribbles, every tre flip came from an ollie.

So remember, whenever you see something simple and basic, it’s not something you need to be looked down upon. If you don’t have anything nice to say, walk away.