Even Odds


The 754 model is the first shoe we came up with in 2020. The shoe itself draws inspirations from Japanese brands such as Needles and Visvim, while retaining originality and our own design language to it. Because we're not going to make a shoe that draws too much "inspiration" from big brands that are out there, and more or less make it look like every other shoe out there.
The shoe was designed with being timeless in mind, something that feels like it was released decades ago, but does not feel out of place when it is released and worn now.
The name 754 was derived from the phone area code of Cinere, the suburban that's located on the outskirts of Jakarta, the place where our founder and head designer spent most of the better part of his childhood and his teenage years at. The shoe itself was some sort of a homage of the place he grew up in.