Even Odds

Ah Shit. Here We Go Again


So I just installed GTA: San Andreas... again.

Yes, this is why the title is like that. Here we go again with the same old story, extremely apt for a game I've replayed once every few years for the past 16 years.



Where were we?

Oh yeah, I've replayed this game every few years, one of the rare game to stick around that long in my life. The other ones would be Final Fantasy Tactics (best Final Fantasy ever, dont @ me) and Skyrim. Two of these games have been modded and meme-d to death by the internet so I know I'm not alone in replaying these games.

Of course other than the best Final Fantasy ever, don't @ me.

At first I thought this was the usual collective nostalgia, but it seems like a little more than that. The reason I said that is because a lot of the memes came from the kids who weren't around during the time San Andreas was released or was too young to play them.

Oh who am I kidding, like anyone here ever cares about ESRB anyway.

That said, the collective nostalgia wouldn't hit without the game lasting longer than a lot of other games, even more than the franchise's predecessors and successors. Maybe it sticks because of the memes, because there's always something new we can find within the game. Maybe because of the access since the game exists in a load of warnets and is getting more and more lighter as the technology progresses, or maybe because it's just a damn good game.

That's one of my life goals though, making arts that immerse so strongly with people's life it turned into a somehow inseparable part of their life. Which I guess is also one of the biggest goals of every artist. For all I know, the game also plays part in the life of so many local rappers because it was their gateway to rap culture with its insanely good 90's hip-hop soundtrack. Something no one ever thought would happen from video games.

Funny to think that video games once were seen as just pure entertainment and timewaster. Because years later it's part of a lifestyle, no, part of LIFE. So who knows, maybe the thing that you're into at the moment and be seen as some insignificant hobby will be big one day. Maybe the music that people said was a phase will stick around and be part of your identity for the rest of your life.

Nof if you let me, I need to follow the damn train.