3232 Editorial

No fuss, no muss. A pair of shoe that fits right in, feels like it belongs on your feet. Gone are the days that you need to mess about with laces or any tightening apparatus. Truly a shoe for the modern man that wants something simple, but want something a bit more.....

3232, is the name of our new silhouette. Derived from the expression “EZ” because it is meant to be an easy shoe that you can just put on, or easy as in it’s an easy shoe to fit with anything you want to wear. the 3232 also features the newly designed toe-cap from 1/999.

The Editorial pays to homage to old Hong Kong martial arts action flicks, with the notion that slip-ons are the footwear of choice of Kung fu icons such as Bruce Lee amongst many others, and marrying that idea with the idea of it also being the footwear of choice of the modern man. In doing so also 1/999 hopes to crush the stereotype that slip-ons are shoes that comes off.

Photography by Nugie Rian Creative Direction by Arkan Satrio