1527: A Joint Effort Between 1/999 and Urbain

A joint effort between 2 labels from the Greater Jakarta region, 1/999 (One Triple Nine) and Urbain,Inc. Creating a piece of footwear for those who don’t want to wrestle the back of their shoes when taking them on and off, or for those that are looking for something to loosen up and de-stress in after a long day of being in the midst of chaos in the big city. The shoe in question is the 1527, derived from the year Jakarta was founded.

The advertorial and editorial of this collaboration are the amalgamation of the ideas surrounding both labels involved, from the comical and irony-induced lens of 1/999 along with the nod to Urbain,Inc’s basketball roots. Conveyed by 2 characters ( Coach Vince and Kayla) that are not typical, yet not far-fetched from some of Jakarta’s citizens, that are put into a post-basketball practice situation where they’re done, but the coach asks you to do one more throw where you don’t air ball.

The 1527 will be available on 1/999’s and Urbain,Inc’s respective online store channels.

Photography and Creative Direction by Nugie Rian & Arkan Satrio