Why are we so fixated about color?
I get it, color is part of our identity, part of how we express ourselves and how we want people to perceive ourselves, but sometimes the stereotypes get a little ludicrous. Some colors tied way too closely to an idea, it doesn’t even make sense.

Take pink, for example. It’s a little more acceptable now, but there were times when men really can’t wear pink without being called gay. The image sticks so hard some men only wear them ironically (with stupid catchphrase like: “real men wear pinks” or some stuff like that) while some others flat out refuse to wear pink out of insecurity and fear of being judged. Which is really stupid for some reasons: One, acting as if “gay” is an insult. Some dudes like bros and some chicks bangs ladies, get over it. Two, thinking the color of your outfit define or change the direction of your genitalia.



And don’t get me started on how that “real men” catchphrase. But whatever.
Some people who are smarter than me probably will come to my @ and tell me about the semantics of color, how color can convey different ideas and how I should’ve known this because of my graphic design background.
To which I raise my hand and say…’re right. To some extent.
I mean, it doesn’t take a genius or college degree to know that color stereotypes exist for reasons and our outer visuals is how we want to be seen and/or how people will perceive us. I know. I said that in the second paragraph. Thing is, things are never as simple as “gay equals pink” or “purple equals widow” or “red and black equals a My Chemical Romance wannabe”.
(Okay, the last one is probably true).

Because sometimes the color they choose to wear ties to how they were brought up, the family they live in, the norms, the entertainments they consume, and which clothes was on top of the pile of their clothes. Unless the person you see is a public figure, fashionista (lol), or someone who is THAT self-conscious, chances are their outfits are something they think are cool.
To quote some women in my life: “It’s not that deep."

It’s fun to classify people based on... stuff. It’s in human nature to group things and put people in or out of those groups, I get it. This is why MBTI and astrology are popular because they simplify the complexity of people and make us seem easier to understand. Which is really fun and games until it becomes harmful stereotypes, y’know. Not only to someone else, but also to yourself.
So whatever, man. Wear pink shoes if you like them or purple, red, or whatever, no one should care about the shoes you’re walking on. It’s your shoes, they're not walking on them.
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